Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pasta Asparagus with Lemon Cream Sauce

I live in a great little town with great people who randomly stop by my house and deliver asparagus!  A good friend of mine surprised us with a visit the other day, and it was so good to have some time to sit and visit over a cup of coffee. (You know who you are--I LOVE YOU!)

Well, my friend brought me 4 big bunches of asparagus and I needed to find something to do with it. I sent my son to the computer to look up recipes. He found one that looked really yummy, but it wasn't vegan. So I worked my VeganGirl magic and Veganized it! (Insert flash of lightning and superhero music here.)

This recipe is not SAUCY. It has a very light coating of the sauce on the pasta and asparagus. The sauce may seem very lemony and tart at first taste, but once tossed together with all the ingredients it will mellow out. If you want more sauce, just double or triple the sauce recipe.

My kids and hubby loved this recipe. We decided to call it Spaghetti Asparagus with Lemon Cream Sauce. My daughter calls it Skabetty Scare-i-bis. So cute! Whatever you call it, it's easy and yummy. So give it a try!

(NOTE: this recipe would also be great with fresh green beans instead of the asparagus)

1 box of your favorite pasta (OR 1 lb. fresh pasta) cooked according to directions
2 bunches asparagus, cut into 1" slices (on the diagonal) and steamed to crisp-tender

2 cloves garlic, chopped or minced
1 cup veggie or no-chicken broth
Zest from one lemon, divided in half
Juice from 1 lemon
2 Tablespoons vegan cream cheese
Fresh Basil, Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Saute the garlic in a couple tablespoons of the broth just until softened, then add the broth, half the lemon zest, all the lemon juice and the cream cheese. Whisk until combined and simmer lightly for 2 minutes. The sauce will not thicken much--it is meant to be a light sauce.  Toss sauce, basil, salt and pepper together with pasta and asparagus.  Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil if you prefer. Top with the rest of the lemon zest.
I also had crushed red pepper to top mine.


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