Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When people hear I'm trying a vegan diet, they react in one of two ways. One is to respond in a defensive way by saying something like, "I'm not going to stop eating meat!"  The second is to respond in a more curious way with questions.

For those of you who don't want to give up meat:  OKAY.  I don't really care if you eat meat.  I've decided to try this diet as a way to make my own life and family a little more healthful.  If you want to eat eight bacon cheeseburgers with extra mayo for breakfast, go for it.  I will not stop you or argue with you or try to force my hippie vegan ways on you.  I promise. 

For those people who are more curious, I'll try to address your questions as best I can as far as they concern my voyage.  I am not speaking for all vegans, and I am not a representative of the vegan community.  I'm not a doctor or a nutritionalist.  I'm not trying to write a scientific book on vegan eating. I'm a wife and mom and child care provider who is trying to be a little more healthful. I will answer your questions as they pertain TO ME. 

If you decide to make a healthful choice (food or otherwise), then you need to be responsible to research it and make sure it is a good choice for you.  Speak to your doctor (I met with my doctor before starting my family on this) and speak to your family to make sure you have the support you need. 

It is very interesting to me to hear your questions, but it's even more amusing who is asking the questions.  Most men ask me about getting enough protein.  Older women ask about calcium and nutrients.  Younger women with kids and families want to know how I get my kids to eat this food and how to keep my growing, active boy fed.  Many, many people have asked how expensive is it to buy all this health food.

In the next couple of weeks, I will do my best to at least touch on each of these subjects.  If you have any other questions, let me know.

(Don't worry, I'll still post some recipes as I go along!)

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