Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Veggie Container

I have a very large container that I use for veggies.  I fill it up one to two times a week and we eat off of it for lunches and supper as our favorite side dish.  My kids love "MUNCHIE LUNCHIES" where we have veggies and popcorn and cut-up fruit to eat with colored toothpicks.  We all sit around the ottoman or the kitchen bar and munch together.  Every time I get this container out, my daycare kids gather up and start digging in.  I use a huge variety of veggies based on what's available, but I always try to keep it colorful.  I also try to mix it up each week so it isn't the same old carrots and celery. And I don't really mind if they fill up on veggies.  It's a great option for all of us.  I put this out as I'm cooking, beside meals, or just set in on the table for snack time with some wheat crackers or peanut butter for dipping.  I also use it if I need a veggie to add to soups or dishes.

Our veggie container is 12" across and 5" deep.  Biggest one I could find.
This week we had grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, purple cauliflower (orange is fun, too), zucchini strips and baby sweet peppers. I also have a container of cut celery and carrots in addition to this, but I keep those in a small amount of water to keep them from shriveling up. This container plus the carrots and celery will last just under a week.

The comment I hear most from non-vegans is how expensive health food is to feed a hungry family.  Yes, veggies cost money.  But think about what you're getting for the price--better health.  In the long run, NOT paying for a hospital stay, surgery, days off of work, etc. etc. are well worth the price.  And, even though I buy a lot of veggies, my grocery bill is still FAR FAR lower than it's ever been.  When you eat whole-grains and whole-foods and fruits and veggies you stay fuller longer on less food.  I don't mind spending money on veggies (or vegan milks or nuts or fresh fruits or other health food items) because I know the savings I earn in good health.  Some things are worth the cost. 

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  1. I love that you taught me this trick last summer! I used to only make a veggie tray when I was going to a potluck, now I make them every other week:) It's amazing how many more veggies my family will eat when they are clean and ready for grabbing:) Love your ideas Nanette!