Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kid Cooked (again)

I was so proud last night when I saw my son skipping home off the bus with a baggie of fresh vegetables.  His elementary school started a community garden last spring and his class visited it yesterday.  They worked in the garden a bit and they got to harvest some to bring home. I was brought to the point of tears just seeing how excited and proud he was to share his produce with us!

His harvest was a few green beans, a large carrot, a couple sweet onions, cherry tomatoes and a banana pepper. It was only a small bag, but with a few extra carrots and green beans from another friendly garden (thanks, Brigette!) we ended up with a complete meal that was beautiful for many reasons.

My son (4th grade) cleaned the veggies, snapped beans, sliced carrots, sliced tomatoes, and peeled onions.  He boiled, he steamed, he seasoned.  And then we all ATE!  The best part was he even helped with the dishes. : )

The carrot was boiled and seasoned with dill and a little vegan butter.  The beans and onions were steamed and seasoned with fresh cracked black pepper.  The tomatoes, banana pepper, and one tiny sweet onion were put into a salad with some of our own fresh basil, sea salt, black pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Rice on the side.

This menu fits perfectly with our "God makes good food" motto.  We believe in keeping things simple and as close to their natural form as possible.

So today I said an extra little prayer thanking God for my kids, for love, good friends and good food!

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