Thursday, May 17, 2012


(I've been trying to post some "comfort food" recipes these past few days based on feedback from you readers.  I love feedback.  Please keep the comments and suggestions coming!)

We ordered in Chinese food the other day.  I was having a rough day and I think Moo Shu is capable of fixing most of life's problems. So we ordered Veggie Moo Shu (no egg) and Veggie Delite with Tofu.  It was so very yummy.  Moo Shu makes me happy.

But they always pack in way too much rice.  Even when we cook rice at home, we always end up with extra.  I follow serving sizes, but they must be big servings.  Anyway, I actually had leftover brown rice in the frig and then a take-out box of white rice from the restaurant. I really hate wasting food, so I had to use up that rice before it became a brick. What do you do with that leftover rice?   Make sweet rice!

My kids and I love this sweet rice.  I eat it for breakfast or snack.  It is kind of like Rice Pudding but I didn't call it Rice Pudding because I think pudding implies certain things.  This is not pudding, but it is yummy and simple.

I don't really have a recipe because I always end up using leftover rice in this one and it really just depends on how much you have.  So I'll just walk through the simple process.

Put your leftover rice in a sauce pan, no more than half-way up the pan.

Use enough plant milk (unflavored or vanilla) to just cover the rice.

Add in anywhere from 2 T. to 1/2 c. sugar depending on how much you are making.  Also, I use far less sugar when I use flavored milk and/or raisins or dried fruit because those sweeten it enough.  I made a big pot today and only used a about 2 T. sugar.  Feel free to use maple syrup, agave nectar, brown sugar, or whatever sweetener you prefer.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and a little nutmeg and stir in raisins or other dried fruit.

Bring to a low boil, then cover and cook on LOW for about 15 minutes. 

Stir in a little vanilla at the end to serve.  This is good hot or cold.  So save it up for your breakfast tomorrow morning.  Leftover leftovers.  How great is that?

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