Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not-cho BEER Cheese Sauce

I couldn't decide what to make for supper tonight so I asked my husband, "What are you in the mood for?"  (Those of you that know him can only imagine the many responses that followed.....)

BUT, he eventually came around to food and supper and mentioned that he had a hankerin' (yes, he actually said that) for some of that famous spaghetti restaurant's Beer Cheese Sauce on Pasta with Sauteed Mushrooms.  (That famous restaurant is the one on Court Avenue in Des Moines.)

I took the recipe for NOT-cho cheese sauce (post from earlier this month) and tweaked it a bit.  I left out the lemon juice and replaced it with 1/2 a beer.  I added in about 2 cups of the cooking liquid from the pasta to make it saucier, too. 

I actually recommend 3 beers for this recipe.  I used half  a beer in the recipe and then drank the other two and a half.  Now my husband's original suggestions are starting to sound like a good idea! ; )

There is some debate about cooking with alcohol and how long it takes to cook out.  I personally love cooking with alcohol and am not bothered about serving it to my family.  Use your own judgement on that one.

As for the mushrooms, all I did was throw some fresh garlic and button mushrooms in a pan with a little vegan butter, a little olive oil and a splash of cooking wine.  I seasoned them tonight with salt, pepper and some Italian seasoning.  I covered the pan and left them over medium heat while the pasta cooked.  That's it.

We ate our pasta tonight with a fruit salad and some fresh veggies.  It was quick and easy and oh, so yummy.

Now where did my hubby go....

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