Monday, February 21, 2011

Vegan Out and About

I had a great weekend in Iowa City at the State Swim Meet.  First, and most importantly, my son did AWESOME!  He had a champion attitude the whole weekend and really gave it his all.  He supported his team and participated the entire weekend.  His hard work this season paid off--he got 4th in state for the 50 Backstroke and was 7th in state in overall individual points for his age group.  We are so proud!

We ate at restaurants all weekend, and I really didn't have any major issues.  It was easy to order sandwiches or salads, falafel and pitas, rice, hummus, and lots of baked or steamed veggies.  The only time I cringed a little was at a steakhouse.  I ordered "a baked sweet potato and plate of steamed veggies with no butter."  The waitress must have heard, "no butter on the veggies, but put a mountain of butter on the potato."  My bad for not being clearer on that.  I said from the beginning I would eat what's served to me and not be that lady at the restaurant that complains all the time and sends everything back.  I ate it.  It tasted good.  But it made me realize something.

I'm having a very difficult time putting this into words.  I can't really explain to you my exact reasons for going vegan.  I'm not sure I know these reasons myself.  But I can tell you that it's more than just not eating animal products.  I am actually turned off--almost sickened--by the thought of eating meat, eggs or dairy right now.  It was really all I could do to eat that sweet potato.  I would have eaten it with twice that much butter and a rare steak on the side just a few weeks ago.

Also, my toddler asked me to help her eat yesterday.  She was working on a cold cut combo from Subway.  The fillings had come out of the bread and she was eating it all separate but having trouble.  So I picked up the meat with my fingers and held it for her to eat.  And it was so gross.  I couldn't even lick my fingers after that. 

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?  AND WHY?  If any of you are vegan and can help me verbalize this, please do!  I know that my body feels different than it did a few weeks ago.  Do you think my body knows more than I realize?  Is my body repulsed by animal products because it knows I do better without them?  I couldn't even eat Cheetos yesterday.  And you know I love me some Cheetos.  I've eaten entire large bags of them on my own in just an afternoon.  But I just couldn't do it.

I thought when I started this that I would be fighting cravings and temptations, but it's really the opposite.  I find I'm forcing myself to eat that little bit of butter, working hard to stomach a bite of cookie made with eggs.  This is very, very strange to me.  Do you think I'll just get over it and eventually go back to carnivore-ism? 

Only time will tell...

I do have one major complaint about restaurants (not related to veganism).  I don't drink soda pop.  My kids and husband don't drink it very often.  It is actually more difficult to find something to drink at most restaurants than it is to find a vegan option.  Even the "juice" is made with that syrup, and the "tea" is syrupy and sugary and full of caffeine.  I pay more for a bottle of water than I would to drink pop.  Is it really that difficult to brew a pot of good iced tea?  It's got to be cheaper than the syrup crap.  Good coffee?  Almost impossible to find at a fast food restaurant or even a deli.  I believe that pop is a big part of our country's obesity epidemic and we need to find healthier drink options for our families.  Did you know that people who drink diet soda have the same levels of obesity as those that drink regular pop?  Soda pop is an unhealthy choice that leads to a lifestyle of unhealthy choices.  Just sayin'.
(Stepping down now...)

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  1. I think you're replacing thought patterns, Nanette. The longer you do that, the stronger the various positive associations become, and the more the "bad food" will seem unappealing. Definitely a good thing!!