Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meal Plan

This week's meal plan is listed here. For those new to the blog, WELCOME! and a few notes. I provide in-home child care, so I list all snacks and lunches. My day care kids eat mostly vegan, but do occasionally have cheese or yogurt products. My family eats vegan. I always offer fresh fruit and a veggie tray with each meal or snack.  We drink soy milk, water or decaf tea.

I try to make my meal plans DO-ABLE for anyone.  I use products that I can buy in my small town grocery store and I make foods that I can handle while running around to swim practice, soccer, meetings, and personal training clients.  We have a busy life, but we make every effort to sit together to eat all meals. Proper planning helps to make that happen.  Otherwise, we would all eat separately.  It also helps me to use up what produce we have on hand so I have minimal food waste.  We save a ton of money when we stick to a food plan, so I try to do these weekly.  I apologize this one is posted  few days late, but you get the idea! 


Breakfast or  Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack
Cereal or Bagel
PBJ Picnic in the Park
Rice Cakes with cream cheese or jelly
Tofu and Shitake stir fry, rice, garlic green beans
Drain tofu
Blueberry Pancakes, fruit
Painted bagels
Veggie Patty, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, blueberries
Cinnamon Popcorn and raisins
Pita Pizzas (veggies and vegan sausage, vegan cheese)
Pizza prep
Cereal or Pancakes
Banana Muffins
Tomato Soup, breadsticks, broccoli and carrots
Celery and PB or apples
Taco Casserole (with refried beans and corn cake), Spinach salad
Make crockpot beans
Muffins or cereal
Animal crackers, raisins
Tortilla roll-ups, spinach salad, veggie dippers
Fruit choice
Reuben sandwiches, sweet potato steak fries, kale
Pancakes or cereal
Orange slices
Veggie fried rice, Edamame, fruit salad
PB Muffins
Chili, corn bread, any leftover fruit/salads
Make PB muffins
French Toast dippers
Chickpea Salad pitas OR cucumber sandwiches
Veggie Dippers
Muffins or French Toast Dippers
Leftovers, popcorn, veggie tray

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